The team of the Intelligent Computing and quotient space , was originated in the theory of issues-solving which raised by Professor Zhang Ling , Academician Zhang Bo in the 1990s , currently the directions of researches including intelligent computing (machine learning , neural network etc.) , the theory of the quotient space , complex network etc. , mainly research how to use constructive machine learning methods ,to construct different granularity descriptions of problems , to acquire the classification、clusters and decision rules of the data sets , or the methods of solving problems . The research achievements of the quotient space theory are applied to the modeling ,the analysis of the structure and features , the performance and optimization of the researches of complex networks etc.; applied to the prediction of protein interaction in bioinformatics ; applied to build the experimental platform of complex networks and high- performance computing . The team cooperates with many large coal-fired power plants in Anhui Province,it has developed the management of fuel , the cost of the audit,the estimation of dynamic cost and other systems.

Current Research Topics

1.Theory of the quotient space
    Fuzzy quotient space, dynamic quotient space

2.Machine learning
    Analysis and processing of massive data , multi-instance learning and multi-label learning, integrated learning, attributes default, subspace, hierarchical clustering

3.Complex network
    optimal path, maximum flow, topology, analysis and optimization for performance


5.Quotient space model
    complex network maximum flow

6.Solving for structured massive data
    the optimizing for the mobile communication network resource

7. Decision rough sets (the DTRS)